Our Manufacturers

At officeworks, we partner with the highest quality manufacturers, who share our belief in sophisticated design and dedication to bringing stunning spaces to life.


Teknion designs workplace furniture and architectural walls that work across boundaries and within any architectural envelope and work culture. Design is in our DNA. It is as much a part of our business strategy as the form and function of our furniture and wall products.

Design permeates everything we do. It informs the way we think, the way we communicate and everything we produce.

Studio TK

Studio TK is helping to change the culture of work. With an exclusive focus on social applications, Studio TK is creating spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work and all that our work demands.

From quiet focus to creative collaboration, social spaces are empowering people to choose how, where and with whom they do their best work. They are where connections are formed and communities are built.

Bernhardt Design

Bernhardt Design markets to the architectural and design communities and is known for its excellence in design, winning many awards through the years.

As a family-owned and operated business since 1889, Bernhardt believes in the principles that govern any functional and supportive family: integrity, pursuit of excellence, and concern for others.


Allermuir conceives, designs, produces and lovingly supplies beautiful furniture. Created with people and the spaces they occupy in mind, they work with some of the most talented international designers to create innovative pieces which are thought provoking, challenging and different, with a contemporary feel.

Every Allermuir piece stands for individuality with originality of design, traditional craftsmanship and style with substance.


Interstuhl develops furniture to a high standard of design in cooperation with renowned designers, architects and manufacturers.

The synthesis of design, technology and function ensures that their products meet the highest quality standards. With multiple national and international design awards, including iF and NEOCON, furniture designed by Interstuhl, is beautiful, user-friendly, durable and environmentally responsible.