Officeworks’ COVID-19 Back to Work Approach

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OW Covid-19 Response

Officeworks’ COVID-19 Back to Work Approach

As workplace consultants, Officeworks wants to provide its clients with a sensible and flexible approach to going back to work in today’s new environment. Officeworks has gathered creative and practical near-term solutions to help you adapt to workplace social distancing.

We’ve outlined the basic steps clients can take to adjust to the new normal in shared workspaces, including front door sanitization, incorporating 6-feet-apart rules to your office, and adding air purification and social distancing barrier products.

The new normal is not one-size-fits-all. Officeworks can work with you to find the right products and solutions for your workspace.

At Officeworks, we adapt. We bring a creative, problem-solving mindset to each situation. Let us help you during these next few months. Download the guide.