OfficeSnapshots Features New Sonos Space

The web site OfficeSnapshots just published a great article about the new Boston office space for Sonos, one of our recent Officeworks projects.  The article features images from Robert Benson and covers some of the strategic decisions that IA Interior Architects considered when planning for the space.

From the article – “The launch of this process involved IA’s workplace strategies team. Visioning sessions were held at a leadership, brand, and department levels with global teams across Sonos’ locations. IA took a deep dive into analyzing the people experience: resident and visiting employees, clients, consultants, and recruits. IA then analyzed the workplace strategy: a marriage between residential to align with the brand’s root and mission, retail, workplace, and acoustics. All of these criteria were unified into a strategic brief which defines Sonos’ new vision for their workplaces.”

Here is a link to our complete online gallery of images from the Sonos project.

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