Officeworks Summer Outing 2016

Recently the Officeworks staff got together for our annual summer outing, this time at Kings in Burlington. It was a chance to be together, away from the office, for a little “friendly” bowling competition.  Four teams competed for highest score with the Wombats (Mark, Carol, Jenn, Kevin, Brian, Patty & Laura Ramsay) coming out on top! Members were awarded a $50 American Express Gift Card and two $50 Gift Cards were also awarded to the lowest single player scores! It was a lot of fun to get together and in addition to a great time, the group was given a recap of the past 6 months at Officeworks including new hires and jobs won, as well as things to come.

(A little summer note for clients, Officeworks will be closing at noon on Friday’s from now until Labor Day.)

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