Teknion Showroom Comes to Life!

IMG_5487Teknion recently announced the availability of a software program that is an excellent example of what’s possible in our rapidly changing hi-tech environment. Based on a program to assess the impact that virtual technology might have as a sales resource, Teknion has developed a virtual tour of their 2015 Necon space.

The free program can be IMG_5486downloaded here for Windows computers and here for iOS devices and uses the power of Unreal Engine’s high end gaming technology.

In the program, there are pre-determined tours each with a different focus; Traditional, Modern and Technology. Tours can also be chosen via ethonomic principles ranging from open workspaces to private IMG_5484workspaces, collaboration and more. In addition, users have the ability to use two virtual joysticks to wander around, looking at the 3D showroom from any angle they choose.
Featured in the showroom are many Teknion products including Studio and B&B Italia which can be explored as if you were in the space.

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