Travis Roy Foundation

Officeworks was very proud to be part of the team that provided services to help open the new offices of the Travis Roy Foundation at 101 Huntington Street in Boston. We supplied and installed new sit to stand offices, several chairs, a conference room table and reception furniture in the 2,000sf space. We worked along with many other service providers that included Colonial Systems Inc, Dyer Brown, Boston Properties, CBRE and JDL Corporate Interiors.

Joe DeVeau of Officeworks coordinated and managed the project so all furniture systems were in place and ready for occupancy. He worked closely with Colonial to make sure furniture was installed correctly and according to specifications that allow Roy to work with considerable independence. “Not only do we have a space now, but it’s 10 times better than what we imagined. Thanks to the design team of Dyer Brown and the work of the project team, we now have the appropriate space so people with spinal cord injuries cam come to the office and volunteer.”

This office will be a game-changer,” says Travis Roy, founder of the eponymous charity. “Thanks to the team that built it, and to the anonymous ten-year gift, the foundation now has the office space and the financial ability to hire staff and expand our mission to serve more families and people affected by spinal cord injuries.”
Mark Loughlin, Principal of Officeworks stated, “I was humbled when asked to participate with the Travis Roy Foundation’s new office project. Travis has given so much to individuals and families for so many years that helping out was an easy thing to do”.

The Travis Roy Foundation was established in 1997 and has been dedicated to enhancing the life of individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families by providing adaptive equipment and to finding a cure through increased funding of research, resulting in self-reliance and the ability to be as independent as possible.