Flint Hill School—Peterson Middle School

Explore Peterson Middle School in Oakton, Virginia—a learning environment designed to support experimentation, creativity, and collaboration.

Flint Hill School’s New Peterson Middle School

When the Peterson Middle School moved to a newly constructed facility in 2020, Flint Hill reached out to Officeworks to provide furniture solutions for 40,000 square feet of space. Officeworks collaborated with design firm and architect Bowie Gridley, Whiting-Turner, and Advanced Project Management, Inc. to provide space planning, project management, and furniture installation. The scope of the project included administrative offices, classrooms, labs, cafeteria, library, conference rooms, and outdoor furniture.

As an independent college preparatory school, Flint Hill prides itself on providing an innovative and immersive experience to foster in their students curiosity and a passion for learning. The school envisioned a clean, consistent, and durable space to reflect these core values. They were also looking to incorporate open-concept classrooms and outdoor space to accommodate a postpandemic learning environment.

To create more functional and flexible classroom spaces, Officeworks installed VS America flip and nest tables for students. Height adjustable tables and podiums for teachers were placed in every classroom to allow for a versatile and comfortable work environment. To maintain the clean and consistent aesthetic of the new facility, modular storage systems and mobile classroom storage solutions were implemented throughout the space.

One of the challenges of managing the installation was dealing with the unforeseen shipping delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Officeworks engaged multiple installers to work in tandem to ensure the install was completed on time. There was the added challenge of two projects at the school running simultaneously–Peterson Middle School and the Lower School, which had a summer camp in session. Workplace Consultant, Marianne McLendon, and Account Coordinator, Charlotte Hyland, oversaw the project in the field, ensuring the seamless installation of all product.

The Officeworks team was able to pivot quickly to provide an on-time installation within budget. With a multifaceted team, Officeworks embodied the ultimate hands-on, team effort to deliver a beautiful and functional space for learning.

Download the Flint Hill case study here.


    Fun Facts:

  • 40,000 sf
  • Completed during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Administrative offices, classrooms, labs, cafeteria, library, conference rooms, and outdoor furniture

“It was great to work with Marianne from Officeworks on the many Flint Hill School projects! She helped us select all of the furniture and finishes and kept us on track to deliver on time. BGA loves working with Marianne and hopes to continue to have successful collaborations with Officeworks in the future.”

– Elise Robinson, Principal of Bowie Gridley Architects