Inc. Online Seems to Appreciate Teknion

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.48.20 PMWe couldn’t help but notice that recently Inc. Online used Teknion products as part of several articles/lists involving office team relationships and health.  In a post called “5 Ways to Get Healthier at Work in 2015” author John Brandon leads with the idea that standing at work can bring many health benefits, which is true.  Then he recommends as item number 1, the  Teknion 30 x 60 Livello Counterbalance desk.  A great pick John.

In the second article called “6 Awesomely Random Acts of Workplace Kindness” John again mentions a Teknion product.  This time it’s hidden in the final list item, number 6, where he suggests letting someone use the “fancy” conference room chair.  And of course, Teknion chairs are the ones in the link he provides.

Really nice to get these office online references for Tenkion.

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