Teknion Standing Desk Featured by Inc.

In a recent article by John Brandon, Inc. reviewed two makes of standing desk and we were excited to see that one of them was the Teknion 30″ x 60″ Livello Counterbalance.  Here is some of what John had to say about standing at any desk.

“It took me a while to “adjust” to the desks. After working 13 years as a technology writer, for some reason I’ve never had a chance to work at a standing desk for long periods, unless you count my kitchen bar counter-top at home. (And, by the way, my wife does.)  First, there’s the odd sensation of doing real work while standing. Your brain has to get used to the spatial adjustment. It’s like working at an airport: possible but challenging at first. It only took me a few days, though–like learning to talk on a smartphone while you walk down a hallway. Maybe we were all meant to stand while we work, who knows?”

Then specifically this about Teknion’s offering:

“The Teknion standing desk is sturdier, looks a bit more elegant, and uses a tension-loaded lever. You can pull the lever to quickly raise the desk. An adjustment crank lets you change the tension level depending on how much gear you have sitting on the desk. More gear requires a bit more tension so that the desk slides up smoothly into place. I found it easier and faster to adjust the Teknion desk using the lever, which meant I went into a standing position more often. With the Rebel Desk, I knew I had to turn the crank to stand up.”

Teknion continues to lead the industry in new approaches to office furniture and it’s always exciting to see how their products stack up in real world comparisons.

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