Teknion “Ethonomics” Featured in Inc. Online Story

A recent article published by Inc. online featured some helpful tips on “What You Can Learn About Employee Happiness From Decades of Office Design.”  In it, the author summarizes several key office design tips that over time have proven to help employees be happier.

Some of these include not going overboard with “open design” and how efficiency can be overrated and over-used.

However one of the key points came from a Teknion document called “Ethonomics” which is a combination of ethics and economics that can be applied to encourage workplace happiness.


From the Teknion report on Ethonomics – “We are beginning to see a cultural shift—a new awareness of how deeply human and environmental health are connected. If we begin with a discussion of the lifestyle choices we make as individuals, we must consider three key features of the cultural landscape that influence our behaviors, our health and that of the natural world. These are technology,food and the urban environment.”

You can read the full Inc. story here.


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