Officeworks D.C. Wins the Teknion Orion Award

We are proud to announce that Officeworks D.C. has been awarded the 2020 Teknion Orion Award given to the Teknion Dealer of the Year. The award recognizes Officeworks D.C.’s achievements in areas such as excellence in sales, continuous improvement, investing to support business strategies, and building a trusted brand.

The name for the award is derived from Greek mythology. “Orion is the Hunter that embodies the largest constellation in the sky,” says Teknion Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President Maureen O’Callaghan. “The Orion Award is given to the dealer who demonstrates the highest degree of excellence in every aspect of their business.”

O’Callaghan noted an example of this excellence was Officeworks D.C.’s social media campaign, Silver Lining Stories, a weekly series of personal reflections shared by industry partners who found their silver linings amid the challenges of 2020.

“Trying to find happiness in something that was so devastating by sharing these really beautiful enlightened stories—that was the defining moment of why we chose Officeworks,” says O’Callaghan, “It was only done to share beautiful uplifting community stories. It was human, which is one of our pillars within Teknion.”

Officeworks Principal, Bethany Naro, says the partnership with Teknion is defined by a collaborative effort and shared customer values.

“Our relationship with Teknion is a top priority and that has especially resonated with our customers this year. We work so closely that often clients are unaware of where Officeworks starts and Teknion begins. Our strong partnership is a true benefit to our customers. The Orion is a testament to that synergy and we’re extremely excited to receive the award.”

“We are so fortunate to have Officeworks as a partner. The expertise they bring to the market with a team of people that are amazing and tenured translates to a relationship with our clients that is seamless. Officeworks feels like family and we always know we will exceed expectations when we have the honor of working with them.  I’m very excited to see them receive this prestigious award.”

– Maxine Mann, Chief Sales and Sustainability Officer, World Markets

Officeworks is one of the largest Teknion dealers in the US. In December 2019, they acquired Washington Group Solutions and expanded their service to the Washington Metropolitan area. Naro is looking forward to continued growth in the D.C. market.

“The D.C. team is looking to the future and focused on how we’re going to expand our business over the next five years,” says Naro. “Our talent bench is strong. The way in which they’ve adapted to the rapidly changing landscape of 2020 speaks to that agility and strength. In our first year in the D.C. market, we were fortunate to be a part of some incredible projects. But even more importantly, we’ve laid the foundation for the long-standing relationships Officeworks is known for in our other markets.”

In addition to celebrating the Orion Award win, Officeworks D.C. recently celebrated its inaugural year. This is Officeworks’ 3rd Orion Award win and the 1st win for the D.C. office.

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