Silver Lining Stories: Dennis Daisey

Dennis Daisey, Principal, FORM Architects

Finding the silver lining in this pandemic is easy for me. Hands down it’s been the opportunity to spend a lot more time with our daughter, Charlotte, who was born on January 27, 2020. We became parents through adoption and Charlotte was born in Texas. We brought her home to DC in the middle of February and returned to work full time just before the national state of emergency was declared and we shifted to working from home. For the short time that I was going to the office, I saw her for a few minutes in the morning and an hour when I got home, so the chance to pop into the living room to see her during the day has allowed me to be around for precious moments and milestones that I would have otherwise missed. The hard part is not letting myself get too distracted during the day! That being said, having a new baby is a great distraction and it keeps us busy so we hardly feel like we’re missing anything, just missing sharing her with all of our friends and family!