Silver Lining Stories: Liz Wimer

Liz Wimer, Senior Designer/Project Manager, FORM Architects

Earlier this year, a friend gave me a piece of calligraphy with a quote that reads, “Do the next thing,” and over the course of the last few months, it has become a bit of a motto for me. It’s an easy time to feel stuck not only physically but also emotionally. So, I wanted to use the extra hours I’ve gained from the time I would spend commuting and with other distractions to “Do the next thing,” and for me, that’s been setting healthier routines.

I’ve always enjoyed being outside and hiking but in recent years the non-stop designer lifestyle has forced me to put some of that on the backburner. It’s been a blessing to explore trails and discover parts of my own neighborhood I never knew were there. Many weekends, what was intended to be a short walk turns into an all-day adventure in my obnoxiously bright, red sneakers, where I end up miles from where I started. I hope people will be encouraged by this but please don’t think that these pretty pictures mean things have been easy. There have been days (or weeks) where it’s been hard to get out of bed or off the couch. Living alone can be extremely isolating, even for an introvert! I can’t do everything alone and I’m so grateful for an understanding family, as well as my dear friends and neighbors who have supported me during these times, even if it’s been virtual. It makes me hopeful about what the next thing will be.

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