Silver Lining Stories: Jocelyn Nelson

Jocelyn Nelson: Senior Vice President of Project Management, CRESA

If you had told me I’d be living through a pandemic one day, I would have rolled my eyes and walked away. Now here I am, in month 8, and I’m shocked that I’m still standing. Like most of us, I spend many days feeling either really okay or really NOT okay, juggling the kids and their emotions, all while dealing with the logistics of working full time from my home while running a household. I have spent so many hours laughing, crying, screaming, and OBVIOUSLY drinking all the wine.

However, after the first three or four months, I started feeling a bit of relief. We found our pandemic pod, and the kids are happier — so we’re happier. Having a strong support system makes a world of difference, and I know I will look back at this time someday and laugh (after a LOT of tequila). Between the friendships I’ve made, the INTENSE quality time spent with my family, and full knowledge of all things Hello Neighbor, FNAF, and Roblox, my heart is full. And God bless the Xbox.

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