Silver Lining Stories: Charlie Smiroldo

Charlie Smiroldo, Managing Director, Stream Realty Partners

In the early months of the pandemic, we read lots of funny memes, discussed our overgrown beards and hair, had the ultimate home workout routine down, and learned about all the different restaurants that now delivered.

However, the novelty of the situation would not last.  These routines became monotonous, and “WFH fatigue” would set in. This was the case for me during the early part of the pandemic, until I hit the reset button.

Hitting the reset button allowed me to evaluate all things around me — which were work and family. I am very passionate about both of these things, but they are on opposite ends of the spectrum of love. I spent a lot of time strategizing for work, and planning for the future, and I found a newly realized passion for my job and industry — sometimes spending 12-14 hours a day on calls, followed by more planning.

The good news is, alongside me for this ride was my squad: Alyssa my wife, Charlie my five year old son, and Max my newborn (who was born during the epidemic). This trio fueled me to focus on the world outside of work, and ultimately lead by example for my son who was now learning from home. I embraced the endless hours with my family, and when I was overly busy with work I would yearn to sneak in a 30-45 minute walk with my squad. 

Eventually, I returned to my office with a newfound appreciation for both working from home as well as the office. Not because I missed walking with my family, but because I learned that we need balance. And we need to be respectful of everyone’s balance. Work will always be there…so you must make time for the things you love.